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The app does not see my photo albums? So cannot load any pictures

It’s alright I guess...

I really like this app. They have so many different frames to choose from but, EVERYTHING except that costs money. I wish u didn’t have to pay for EVERYTHING except the frames.... pls fix that and u will write a 5 star review.

Limited flexibility

Had some good options but difficult to move text around. Would like to change font size and put words in each section and/or over the entire collage.

Used to be my go to app

Buggy and crap quality photos

The best

The ONLY way I make collages is through this app!

They keep charging!

I can’t use this app. I have asked over and over for the charges to stop. Still charged EVERY month!!! How do we make them STOP???

You will get charged

Be careful. This is a paid app and it appears that it bills your Apple account every month. So even if you don’t load a credit card you’ll be paying. Whether you use it or not.


Obviously great 💓💓💓


Honestly can’t believe when purchasing the app you get sucked into a monthly payment instead ? When trying to write this companny to refund my $ it said my internet connection was lost ? Smart move to keep all the complainers out !! I want a refund !!


Easy to use and tons of fun!

Best pic editing app

Let be this app, have tried a million others this is easy to use for a novice like me. Makes you pics look great, awesome editing tools, can’t say enough how much I recommend using and getting it from the App Store. 5 Stars

Great app

I’m able to do what the other apps don’t allow!! I love this app

It’s Ok But...

I think it’s a great app but I think just a bit more stuff could be free.

Pop ups make it really difficult to to work.

Also there are way more intuitive interfaces for collage making in the App Store!

Amazing App!!!

The app is amazing, you can do so many things with it, make collages, edit photos, etc.!!! My only problem is that you have to buy certain things, but other than that it's great!!

Easy Photo Collage maker

Collageable is a very self-explanatory easy to use collage maker. Use your photos to make a cool collage and save it to iPhotos!


This app is a joke

Crashes a lot

Bad app, Crashes way too much


I am trying to unsubscribe from the free trial but any time I try to send you a message it comes up with an error code! I do not want to pay after the trial. Please connect with me

$4 a month

I might pay .99 once for this. But I won't pay a subscription fee when there are free apps that do the same thing.


Once I accidentally subscribed to a premium membership which you had to pay for. It wouldn’t let me un subscribe so I just deleted the app. It’s two months later and collagable is still sending me bills! 😡😡😡😡

My experience

Simple & so easy to use!! Love it

Easy peasy

Loved how quick and easy this was!

Not worth subscription

I bought the subscription prior to testing out the usual version. It’s horrible. I can’t even adjust the collage or move where I want the photos and I can’t go back without canceling the whole project. I can’t believe I had to pay for this. Horrible.

Pretty Good! Try It Out!

I enjoy the frames and collages!


LOVE IT💟💛💚💞💋

Too many ads

I came to download this app to compare two pictures together... as simple as that. I needed an app to compare so I decided to download this. 1st of all, you can barely EVER do any features without something coming up as you need to buy premium buy premium to the point were I can even use the app 2nd, too many ads and 3rd the controls are too complicated. I cannot not see where to add the next photo I may be super stupid but I can’t find it! Eh maybe you can learn something from this.... sorry for leaving hate just my honest opinion😕

Pop up

Don’t know how you can get anything done with the pop up keep moving you to a different page

Awesome collage

What a rest app I really enjoy using it , I love all the features.

Good but I need more

There is a good quality of everything however a bit more variety of tone, shade, and tools would be nice

Worst app I have ever tried.

Extremely frustrating! Can’t figure out how to actually put my photos into a collage. Also, pop up adds are out of control.

Frame my sad face because...

It was good but due to the number of ads it is now almost unusable. Ads disrupt your workflow and open the App Store. I ended up closing the app and not the App Store when an ad popped up losing all my changes. The subscription model seems expensive for what the app is. Also you can’t reset the frame or make sure images are squares when resizing things as mentioned in other reviews.


Love it

Too many pop ups

But it gets the job done!


Loved it when I first started it but now I can’t seem to easily pick a project to start on . I’m hoping after I write this it will go back to normal and they were just forcing me to write a review


I got tricked into buying a years subscription. I checked the one month renewal but it defaulted on the 1 year and charged my card. I immediately tried to cancel and it won’t let me. No way to contact them. Definitely not worth 35.00 a year!! I think I used it maybe 5 times. DONT BUY THIS APPLICATION! Rip off!!!


The update made it confusing. The old way confirmed it was saved. I had to do it twice.


You can't do anything unless you pay $9/month. It's completely useless. It's not actually a free app it's just masquerading as one.


Very complicating app

Thank you

Thank you

Cool App

A little bit confusing to get back to the collage after choosing pics. Overall it does what it states though

Love it

Really fun cute touch on collages and pics❤️


Have to pay

I did this so it stops asking

No review just did this so it'd stop asking too



If I could I would rate this zero!

I have downloaded many collage makers and out of all of them this on was by far the worst. It was a waste of my time and if you wanted to do anything you had to have the premium. I downloaded it cause I thought it was free, but nooo it had to make me buy everything even if it was just a simple color. Yes I understand that almost every collage maker cost some type of money for certain things, but this one had way to may thing that you had to buy. It was horrible and I strongly suggest not to get this app.

Amazing app ❣️❣️❣️❣️

I give a 💯

Clunky UI, not so great fonts

Manipulating text is tricky (hard to re-select it). Also, why no Impact font?

If zero stars were an option...

I’d give them zero. Crashes regularly, ads are beyond reasonable and slow down the app. Too bad.

Quick, easy to use

Its nice. Everything is straight forward, and it doesn’t watermark your picture with their brand which, gives a more professional look

Only buy if you want to pay for everything

Everything cost money to use to this app.... none of it is free...:(

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