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The app does not see my photo albums? So cannot load any pictures

Kind of Dissapointed

Ok so I got this app like 2 years ago and I loved it! It was super fun and easy to use and you could even blur photos if you couldn’t use portrait mode on your camera. And then, I recently went on the app again and EVERYTHING CHANGED! I think it’s so much harder to use now. Also, I couldn’t find a way to blur my photos! And now, if you don’t have the premium version, it doesn’t even let you save any of your changes?? I guess you’ll just have to screenshot each time you make an edit. Please change your app to the way it was before :)

There are better, free apps available

This app just wants your money and produces a mediocre product!! The developers should be ashamed of themselves! What a joke, Losers!!

Very bad

Bought pro version. Doesn’t offer more than the free version and now I have a year subscription to an app that doesn’t do anything more than the free version and doesn’t do what I want. Now time to find another app. Don’t download waste of time and money

Good so far

I like all the options of collages and text options.

Why am I being charged???

I downloaded this app once and I just read downloaded it to figure out why I’m being charged again for $5.05 for the app I’m not even using. The one time I used it to make a collage I didn’t like the layouts so I decided to delete it. Ever since in the past couple months I’m getting emails that I’m being charged that $5.05 for the app. I don’t use it, I barely did when I had it for the 5 minutes I used it, and I DONT want to keep being charged!!!! I’m sure this app is great but I don’t want to be charged anymore for something I don’t use! I’ve tried contacting and I’ve heard nothing back. Very upset and frustrated with something I didn’t even want to happen.


Skip it. Pay for anything you want in a collage app.


I would like my “subscription” canceled. I am very upset that I was never notified that this would start a subscription on my Apple account otherwise I would of never purchased the stupid app. I would like it canceled and refunded as soon as possible. I don’t want to give any stars to this product but in order to write a review you have to give something......


Everything worked out smoothly some stuff was locked but it's actually a really good editing app I'd recommend it if you like a picture editor or just love the editing pictures or just need to edit a picture that is the app you need to get all the other apps that I tried I thought I found an app that actually work but I didn't tell I found this app this app is just awesome and awesome and great and happy and cool so I'd recommend getting this app awesomeness awesomeness awesomeness awesomeness

Love it

I just love ok

Constantly asking me to pay for premium.

If you are making a free app, make a free app. Use ads to pay for it. This one shoved an “UPgRaDe NOw NOw!!” screen every 5 seconds.

Not good

There are much better photo apps out there than this one and you can find them for free.

Perfect app!

The really free app, I love it.

Cancellation request

I didn’t agree to purchase this app, but it says I did. I don’t have an option on my end to cancel it, so I need you to cancel this purchase for me, and make sure I don’t get charge. I tried to send your support dept an e-mail, but it is not allowing me to. This is very deceptive.

It’s the best

Almost got me fired what an app!!!

I’m very upset

I went on this app not knowing about the subscription or the fee for using this app so I try to push my home button to go home. So I can delete this app cause I’m broke and don’t have any money and want to save the money I already have on my account. So I try and it goes to purchasing a subscription. I have my thumb print in to download free stuff and it thought I was buying the subscription so it said it was successful. I don’t want this, I want to save my money. From reading crap, all I got out of it was that I can’t disconnect until awhile which will take $4 out of my account which is literally taking over half the money I have on my phone. I could’ve used it for something better. I don’t have a lot of money. I want the subscription to end and for me to keep my money. If that happens I’ll be good. But if I get money taken away from me, that I did not want to purchase and won’t use the app, and I’m left with $4 or more out of my account.... I will be very upset. I don’t know if I’m just not seeing something, cause I usually don’t, but still.

This app charge my credit card without me knowing

This app charge my credit card without me knowing and without giving me any notification that they were going to. I do not remember subscribing and if I had the choice I wouldn’t have subscribed. I hope that the app contacts me because I would like to get this fixed ASAP. I don’t think anybody has the money to be paying five dollars or more to make a collage when there are far better free apps to make them.


Don’t waste your time with this app everything you have to buy

Won’t stop charging me!

Bought the trial version of this app, and tried to cancel within the 7 day trial, and thought I was done. Last month I saw where they have been taking out 3.99 EVERY month since! So, last month I cancelled AGAIN, and this month, they took another 3.99 out! CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION!


i got this for a simple phot collage but when u get it, it immediatly scams you out of $5.29! You dont even have to have the app downloaded for it to take your money. I hope no one gets scammed like i did


only used this app ONCE and then deleted it two months ago. i come to find out they are charging me $4.99 for something i don’t use and don’t even have downloaded on my phone!


It’s not the best but I love it. Kinda like pineapple pizza :)


Don’t let them fool you by thinking this is a free app. They’ll charge you a “monthly renewal fee” of $4.99 after a month of having it without ANY authorization.

I recommend ALL THE WAY

Although you need premium for a lot of the features, I think this app has a decent amount of things to use for people without it unlike most apps. It’s super easy to make a collage and most of the time I finish it in under a minute and they turn out super nice.

Not great...

I wanted an app that I could make good collages with. I didn’t get that from this app. It is glitchy, and makes you watch a million adds. I would get a different app.

Don’t download!!! They will charge u even though it says free

Do not download... automatically charges u and very difficult to impossible to delete and not get charged!!! Big scam!!!

Love it!!!

This app is so great for building collages for Twitter or FB! It rocks!


The text is difficult to use and move around. I am sure there is a simple way but it isn’t user friendly. I do like the photo options even if I can’t use the text.


I love it because you get to collage anything you want

Not so good

I downloaded this app because I wanted a B&W photo with one thing focused in color, if you know what I mean. This app USED to have that, I swear, but I couldn’t find it. Also, I feel like I can’t do anything unless I have the pro or whatever.

To many ads

To many ads

Requires immediate subscription

Give the user a little time to test out the app before having to sign up. Someone like me will forget I've signed up, and will get charged for a deleted app.




There should be a way to size the photos in each segment. It makes this unusable to me without that feature. If it is in the app, I cannot find it.


My daughter bought a subscription and I can’t get it to stop charging me monthly, help


After enjoying the multiple amount of ads there is an actual app that I can customize pictures. I don’t like that. This app needs less of the collage it has and more ads. I’m tired of apps giving me something and all I want is ads.

Using it

I use for YouTube videos and edits so I love it it’s convenient


Absolute trash, they need to add a tutorial or something, and you have to pay for a premium? So stupid. Would give 0 stars if I could.

2 stars

There’s barely anything for people without premium

Awesome app

Good for editors no my fav photos


At first I had written a kinda bad review of this app, but it started working again. I was able to make a very cute picture of my two cats together( only way to get them in the same photo) :) The developers of this app also reply to your reviews. At first the app didn't work all that well, but I guess with most app sit gets better as it goes on. I think this app is pretty good.


I removed this app not renewing any subscription and am being charged still.


Its a nice app

Great app!!!

Makes your photos look great!!! Easy to use!!! Love this app!!!

Not a free trial.

I don’t normally leave reviews, but this is crazy. Don’t sign up for the “free trial” unless you want to pay for it NO MATTER WHAT. I literally downloaded it yesterday, and I must have accidentally clicked on “free trial” in the first place. And now I have $4.99 charged to my account. I better not get any more charges. I promise you that.

Slow, glitchy, hard to use

Doesn't show all of my photos and makes it hard to do simple tasks like switch photos. Messy and unorganized


Si no la compras Solo sirve para editar fotos menos para hacer collage

Waste of time

I was billed for your app I don’t use or want, can’t get refunded.


I think that it is dumb that you have to be premium to get that stuff🙄

Full of adv and no features unless you pay

Unfortunately this app barely offers anything unless you make a MONTHLY subscription. Quite ridiculous. In addition they have a ton of advertisements and videos popping up while you are working on a photo. There are plenty of other applications out there that work well and respect the user by not forcing them essentially to buy into a monthly subscription.

App is gone

I paid for the pro version and the app is no longer available will I get a refund?

  • send link to app