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The app does not see my photo albums? So cannot load any pictures

This app used to be good.

The new update is awful. You have to pay for everything. It used to be so good.

Too many ads. Deleted it.

Too many ads. Deleted it.

Easy to use

Overall very easy to select and add photos but occasionally it hangs up and I have to redo.

Very very useful

I love how much you can do on it!


Great App, easy to use, makes your pictures ‘tell a story’. Highly recommended

It’s great


Useless...Intentionally put ads on top of buttons

They intentionally cover the options with an ad. I can’t select anything other than clicking ads. I’m sure advertisers would love to know that their clicks they are paying for are charged by tons of random clicks

Not Usable

Cannot use the app because the ads cover the buttons. Waste of time.

Number of collages

They have wide variety of collages

Couldn’t do anything

Ads on every step. Couldn’t even make a simple collage, ad banner blocking everything.


Very user friendly and a great app to have!! Hafnp

Filled with ads that hinder use

Please go get a different app, this one places apps in front of the controls, so that you’re forced to touch the ads and be redirected. I don’t think this is right. The inly way to get rid of the apps is to pay for the app, which you will likely not use often. I wish I could give it 0 stars.


The ads on the bottom of the screen block all of your tools to create a collage in this app. App immediately deleted.

Where is the Chilli Cheese Dog?

When I purchased this application, I was expecting it to be about a young chili cheese dog who lives in the Bahamas. Much to my surprise, it was actually about a little orange pear named John. In the story, he meets a wizard who tells him about a Chili cheese dog but never introduces him. So now I come to this conclusion, where is the chili cheese dog?

Great app!

I I have used many picture apps on social media and this is one of the best I've ever come across.

Awesome app

I love this app

They changed it!!!

I already paid for upgrades and now they changed it so you have to pay more. The whole thing is stupid. Zero Stars should be an option.

Hannah lowaer

I am liking this app so far

It doesn’t work (update)

The collage has only 4 templates available. I upgraded to premier, waste of money and time. Update: Downloaded the app again as per costumer service instructions and now the app works perfectly. I love it, easy to use, tons of options.


Cannot see menu behind ad to save or complete a collage. No way to exit ad either. Useless app.

Thumbs down

The new version is not as user friendly. Final product didn't save the photos as I placed & enlarged them. 👎🏿

Was once a good app

App used to be amazing, they updated it and completely ruined it, now I have to find a new app. Save yourself some time and skip this one...


I don’t want to write

Useless for iphone X

This app is useless for iphone X as the navigation menu at the bottom is all covered with ads... it is hard to save the changes and everytime i carefully click the save button advertisements showed up... it was totally useless with all the ad banners at the bottom

Great App

Works well. Does just what it’s supposed to.

Great app!

Great app! Been using it for years!

Easy to navigate

A great App. Easy to use and create some awesome collages. Highly recommend.

Useful in an Excellent Way.

Although many of the amazing features comes along with the Premium Version, you can efficiently make collages and other edits using the free version. Overall excellent! 👌🏽.

Wouldn’t recommend

Unless you like having to CONSTANTLY navigate through their ads just to complete your collage. I understand the needs for ads to operate your business, but this is terrible.

What did you do?!?

This was my all time favorite app for putting photos together! After the last update I CAN NOT use it! It’s horrible now you can’t click on anything without an add popping up and it doesn’t do what it’s designed for anymore! Go back to how it was!

Great app but ...

The app is great but a soon as you get the new update you have to pay otherwise you can’t do anything new.


Can’t make a collage without be constantly bombarded with Ads. Makes it very frustrating to create anything. Terrible.

Wonderful must-have

Great on-the-go editing app


I enjoyed the prior version better. Editing tools which use to be available for free are now only available with the premium subscription. Wish I hadn’t upgraded.


This app is the best it can help u with things like before and after pics this app is AMAZING

Awesome Awesome App !!

Easy to work with and Fantastic options , Love it !!

New Update

This was a great app, but the new update has made it extremely unwieldy. Additionally, it removed a large number of collage fonts.


I love it so muchhh!


Hi. I want my free version back. I updated my phone & was forced to do &3.99 /month. This is too much. Too complicated. Please tell me how to cancel & get the old app back


I hate the update you made everything so confusing and now I can’t use most of things I used on the app before the update. All I am just saying I liked the app before the update



Perfect for my interior design business

Allows me to see entire rooms and change colors and furniture with a few clicks. I even used you to choose a wedding dress 😊

Don’t like the new version.

The new version has too many ads. One pops up every time you click something. The last version was great and user friendly and only popped up one ad when saving a photo. Don’t like it at all.

Didn’t work

The app wouldn’t let me select a photo from my camera roll (“photoroll” in the app). When I tried, I was taken to a blank grey screen with the title “Albums” and the app became unresponsive. I really want this app to work and I’m willing to change my review if this bug is fixed.


I have used this app for every phone I have ever owned it meets all my editing needs and easy to navigate!

Ads RUIN this app.

Ads show up in the middle of the picture when you save it, and saving it took forever- several annoying game videos played until I was able to even get the option. REALLLLY poor UI.

So glitchy

Crashes. Don't recommend.

Was good until

I downloaded this app and it was working fine but now when I get on it none of my pictures are there and when I click all photos when it pops up only two pictures are up that I don’t need.

it's ight

the only problem i have with the app is it doesn't show all of my pictures. it pics random pictures i can use

Won’t even open

Used to use this app all the time, but now, even with updates it crashes shortly after I open it. Specifically when I click to add photos from camera roll. Super disappointed!

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