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The app does not see my photo albums? So cannot load any pictures

Not so excited about the premium membership features

I have been using this app for a very long time and today I couldn’t get past trying to do you anything normal like a crop a photo without being hounded to try the premium membership I don’t really use a lot of that kind of stuff but basically said I would try it anyway just so that I could get into being able to use my normal features. Other than that love the app


Great app but beware that it subscribes automatically. I was not aware of this and had been charged for a few months before realizing this. Maybe it was my mistake so I am not asking for a refund or anything but just be careful. I lost out on about $20 because of this app and not realizing I was paying money for a subscription. If you don’t mind paying, it’s a great app. But I thought it was free so I deleted it.


I download this app and was not at all informed abound a fee that EVERY SINGLE OTHER CUSTOMER I WAS CHARGED $30.00 BY MY BANK DUE TO THIS GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK NOW.

Best collage app!

Easy and fast! Great app!

Does this do anything other than play ads?

I tried to create just one collage with two images. During the process, I was shown four full-screen ads. The best part is that the X button (which appears about 10 seconds into each of them) is in a different spot each time. Ridiculous. Uninstalled.

It says it’s free but it’s not

I don’t want to pay for this. I was scammed into approving a $4.99 charge with no way to cancel. Beware!


I can not stand all the ads at the bottom.

Can’t contact support

This app charged me 5.33 and it was no longer installed on my phone. Once I realized it was a paid for app I deleted it. I tried to contact support by email but it conveniently gives me a msg that my internet connection was lost. I am requesting a refund.

I want to cancel my payment

It’s been charging $4 monthly since I downloaded this app a few months ago. Go ahead and cancle my payment and I want my money back because I didn’t even use it.



Don’t like the frequency of pop up ads in free version

App is 4 stars, but ads kill it. So many annoying ads - if you are looking for some free apps.


I no longer have the app and it charged me twice now I would love for this to stop charging me

The best

Grate App

Not show the same way on social media

It doesn’t show the same way on Facebook like I cropped it

Painting Contractor

Hi collage is my go to place my project from beginning to end, great form to show future customers jobs process. Using collage improve my website greatly. Thank you Norman Custom Painting

I didn’t want to pay for this. But I was billed $5

I went to read about this app last night and once I downloaded it there was no pay/accept page. I had no idea his was a $5 app. Very sneaky!!😡😡

Being charged When it says free

I don’t want to subscribe and the app made me do that .. I don’t want to pay for this and it’s a free app.



Want subscription cancelled immediately

The App mistakenly read my thumbprint and now is charging me $6 a month. I don’t want this app but when I submit feedback it tells me I don’t have an internet connection. I’m using cellular data with perfect connection. Help!


Awesome app!!


Somehow this app showed up on my phone and when I went to clear it off it read my finger print and purchased it for a year! They r refusing to give me back my money! I see other reviews r saying the same thing!! Be careful getting outta this app!!!! 😡 I won’t be buying another iPhone because I am not dealing with apple or iTunes anymore!!!


It’s a paid app boo


For some reason the app automatically set me up for a subscription and I’m getting charged for an app I don’t use that often and I don’t need a subscription for. I’ve been trying to remove the subscription and nothing it working.

If I could give 0 stars I would

I have tried to submit a question on how to delete my subscription and every time I push send it tells me “internet connection was lost. Please try to resend the form.” I have tried several days in a row, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my WiFi. I do not want to be charged another cent from this ridiculous app and I’d appreciate a response.

Rip off

If I could give this app 0 stars, I would. I downloaded the “free” version. Once j realized I didn’t need the app, I deleted it off my phone and my iCloud. I just received a charge for $4.99 for this app. Do NOT download!

Unknown subscription charge

I noticed several similar comments regarding this scam, so I’m glad I’m not alone. I downloaded this app a while back simply to edit a few pictures, then deleted it right after. Then, I noticed recurring iTunes $4.99 charges on my bank account, and I thought it may have been stuff I purchased. After the last charge on 8/28, I decided to look into it and found out it was a subscription to Photo Collage, which I had NO IDEA I signed up for. I have paid a total of $14.97 for an app I don’t even have on my phone! I’m baffled by how this app has such high reviews given how they scam their users. I’ve written you an email Filterra, and hopefully you get back to me ASAP because I’d like a full refund.

Horrible app

This app is horrible, I want my refund now

Hidden Monthly Charges

I downloaded this app unaware that it will begin to charge you monthly after a certain period. Once I read that in the reviews, I immediately deleted the app from my phone. However, even though I deleted it, apparently I was still “subscribed” and it charged me for the past two months when I didn’t notice! Two charges of $5.42 each (so $10.84 total) which is absolutely ridiculous that there was a) no warning, and b) still charges you even though I deleted it from my phone. Definitely not worth it, and I am glad I figured it out on my bill at least at this point to cancel.

Please fix this. Not okay

I’m getting charged $10 a month and didn’t know there was a subscription fee. This is not okay. Very upset.

No way to cancel subscription

I tried multiple times to cancel this app subscription. There is not a CANCEL option. You have lots of choices with college apps. Don’t subscribe to this one. They are horrible.

Never loads.

Literally 9/10 times I try to use this app, I get disgusted and exit because it will only load 2 of the supposed hundreds of available frames and neither of them are what I need. It’s not my WiFi or phone either, it’s the app. None of my other apps have this problem.

DeMase Family

Love this application!!


Yaaa not is NOT free!

Love it

Easy to use and does not leave a watermark!


الإعلانات كتير مزعجة وبتغطي الشاشة


This is good and it has nice scales


I love how I can make my own wallpapers.

This app is BS

I unsubscribed from this and still got charged! Every week five dollars to use an app that won’t even let you use your music in videos or it skips in the song I had to make the video five times because it app kept glitching out on me and I still get charged? What kind of crap is that ?

This app is NOT after!

Went to check my checking statement and saw a charge for iTunes. I knew I had not purchased anything so I went to check out my account. Turns out an app I thought was free charged me! I do not want this app and would like to have my money refunded. This should be more clear up front!


It won’t let me cancel. There isn’t that option. Edit. I figured it out.


The same thing happened to me when i didn’t even want the app and it made me purchase 5$, very upset. i would love a refund because i’m a broke college student.


Awful app. They make it very confusing to cancel subscription once they trick you into getting it

Awesome free collages.

I haven’t gone to the premium version of this yet but honestly the free stuff is awesome and perfect for getting the job done!! I’ve been using this app for a few years and it’s super easy to use and makes saving them to your phone so so easy!! For sure recommend!

It’s fine.

It’s fine.

No good

I too was charged a subscription fee unknowingly and I cannot figure out how to unsubscribe.

Photo collage

Horrible. They continue to charge me month after month even after I deleted the app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Give me my money

I downloaded this app not knowing about the auto subscription. I uninstalled this app and a few days later it is taking money from my account. This is not okay.


I’ve never been conned into buying an app I didn’t want to purchase...until this. They’re super deceptive and somehow I got charged $4.99 for a terrible app I deleted right away. I unsubscribed, hopefully I won’t be charged again next month.

Missing an important feature

I really wanted to upgrade to this version but I’m not seeing that you can rotate your pics at all. Looks like just zoom in and out, slide left and right. It would be great to be able to use two fingers to turn the pic to make it fit into the spot.

Loaded with distracting ads, but gets the job done

Title says it all

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